Meet the KCDANCEHQ Family


Principal & Founder of KCDANCEHQ

Hi there, dancers and families! Thank you for popping by KCDANCEHQ.

Having danced, trained and performed all over the world, KCDANCEHQ has truly been a dream come true. Watching our community grow and glow, it fills my heart with so much joy and pride.


Building on over 26 years’ experience, I take my role as principal and mentor incredibly seriously. Leading by example, my objective is to inspire a passion for the art of dance in every child who passes through my doors. More importantly, with the help of my talented team, we’re here to nurture your child’s self-esteem and confidence while creating a lifetime of special memories.


My Professional Background


I have an extensive and experienced background in training, teaching and freelance choreography.


Credits include – SOCAPA (Society of cinema and performing arts, 2007 London), Film Clip ‘Right Now’ (Brixton Academy, London 2007 ), UKFD (United Kingdom foundation for dance 2007), Montana Events (London 2007), Perform (London 2007), Audition Assistant to Jason Coleman ‘Sydney Olympics’ (Newcastle), and Australian Sports Commission AAS dance program (2008-2009). I’ve trained across Pullars Dance Academy, Darren Disney, Pineapple Dance Studios (London), Dance Attic (London) and Broadway Dance Centre (New York). Phew, that was a mouthful, wasn’t it?!

I’ve also attained LGTDA in tap and RAD ballet exams, alongside holding a BA of Social Science (sport and recreation) and a Diploma in Dance Teaching and Management.


One of Australia’s first certified ZUMBA® instructors, I had the amazing opportunity of introducing Adult Dance Fitness to the Hunter Valley. I’m licensed to teach Zumbatomic® (Zumba® for kids), Zumba Gold, Zumba toning and KONGA fitness too!


To fuel KCDANCEHQ’s continual success, I’m affiliated with a variety of dance training bodies and I’ve been an active member of the Australian Teachers of Dancing association for over 15 years now.


A lifelong learner who’s not very good at sitting still, I’m always educating myself through the latest certification programs, teacher-training schools, conferences, and other learning opportunities.


Wrapping up, here’s my commitment to you – I will continue to uphold our excellent reputation, and ensure that KCDANCEHQ provides the positive, fun, and inclusive atmosphere you need to discover your passion.



Always smiling, Ashley’s been with our KCDANCEHQ family for over 20 years now. Performing for most of her life, her contagious passion for dancing began at a very early age.  With over 10 years’ dance teaching experience, Ashley never fails to deliver outstanding dance education that captures the attention of our students.


Her qualifications include Bachelor of Teaching (Primary)/ Bachelor of Arts, Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management (ADi), and Diploma Dance Teaching and Management (ATOD).


Ashley has been affiliated with Australian Teachers of Dancing (ATOD) for the past 10 years; guiding students through examinations in Tap and Jazz with outstanding results.


Ashley is also the head of our DanceStep® Teacher training, where she trains all of our lovely up and coming assistant teachers. To say teaching is her gift would be a wild understatement.




Katie has trained at a variety of studios and specialised ballet schools, with performance experience across a huge range of styles from a young age.


She has completed all of her British Ballet Organisation examinations, and has successfully been elected the British Ballet Organisation Senior Associate on several occasions.


Katie has been associated with ATOD for numerous years now, being involved in and completing their teacher training. She has trained many of our students for their exams, all achieving fantastic results.


A ray of sunshine, Katie loves creating a nurturing and enthusiastic environment for students of all ages to reach their full potential.



If ever you need a big hug, listening ear and wise words, Rachel’s your go-to! Always making everyone feel seen and heard, she’s been with KCDANCEHQ for over 10 years.


Our sparkly director of musical theatre productions, she adores being the creator of all things “extra” and taking the art of being a drama queen to the next level. If you’re in the audience and catch yourself singing and smiling along with our on-stage superstars, you’ve just experienced Rachel’s magic!


Rachel loves how KCDANCEHQ is a safe space where everyone feels included and supported. Every class is full of fun and growth – no negative vibes, ever!


Rachel is a performer well known to local theatre audiences. When she isn’t teaching Tiny Tots, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Acro and Heels, you’ll spot Rachel reading, travelling, scuba diving, going to weekend markets, binging Netflix or hanging out with her family.



If you’ve ever received a fist bump, a Haribo gummy bear, or collected a super pumped up, sweaty student after class, you’ve experienced the MJC special treatment!


Infectiously energetic, MJC has a razor-sharp eye for detail, technique and timing (loves a good metronome!) Jokes aside, everyone in our KC community knows that Michael is incredibly passionate about all things dance and musical theatre, and we can’t thank our lucky stars enough for his awesome presence.


What he loves most about KCDANCEHQ is the supportive environment we provide for kids to grow and progress. Every student is valued and encouraged to explore their best potential.


Michael is currently finishing up his final year of uni “at last” (totally his words!) and when he isn’t upside down and/or flipping around in the studio, you’ll probably find him still doing both on the ice rink or on a go-cart track!


Catch Michael (horizontal or vertical, your guess’s as good as ours) at our Belmont studio every Tuesday afternoon.



Part of the KC team for over 20 years, Jazmin is the real OG of KC! Starting out as a sweet little ‘Mini Groover’ Jazmin is still passionate about dancing, taking classes and teaching every chance she gets!


Jaz has a bright, vibrant energy and lights up any room she walks into! Her personality is infectious – always smiling and always motivating our students to achieve their best and to reach their fullest potential.


She loves being part of the KC community because ‘It’s such a positive environment to learn in and that we are always being challenged and always learning something new!’


When Jaz isn’t teaching dance you’ll find her at the gym, hitting the shops or playing with her fur babies Tiger, Husky and Zeke.


You can catch Jaz teaching tap and hip hop at our Kurri studio every Wednesday.



If you’ve taken a class here at KCDANCEHQ chances are you have already met Miss Olivia.


You can catch Liv teaching ballet, contemporary, tap, jazz and hip hop on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at our Belmont Studio, her classes are full of BIG energy and she absolutely loves what she does!


But what WE love most about Liv (besides all the hype bangers on her playlist) is her infectious teaching style, her insane creative flair and her meticulously crafted classes, jam packed with incredible content and killer choreography.


Away from her dance teaching duties, you can catch Olivia with her head in a book, studying her love of science, biology, animal and marine research.


Her favourite quote is ‘Be brave enough to suck at something new’ … We 💯 agree with you Miss Olivia! You cannot grow, create, or thrive inside the comfort zone!



From manning our front desk to handling all orders and answering everyone’s FAQs, the lovely Teanna has to be one of most dedicated and reliable team members at KCDANCEHQ! Always smiling and flitting about helping out, she’s been dancing with us here for over 10 years.


A serious all-rounder, Teanna’s also been teaching our Tap, Cheer, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Acro classes the last few years – she’s unstoppable! Considering one of her favourite quotes is “life is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved” by Winnie the Pooh, it’s no surprise that her talents are widespread.


She’s stuck around at KCDANCEHQ because 1) we’re not letting her go – ever and 2) she loves the atmosphere, the amazing community and watching all the kids grow into themselves. How sweet is that?!


Outside of KCDANCEHQ, you’ll find Teanna studying her Bachelor of Teaching (Primary), catching up on her reading, tucking into a Spaghetti Bolognese and refreshing with a tall glass of passionfruit sparkling water. Plus, Teanna never has a quiet meow-ment with her 3 kitties and the many that she continually fosters.



Lighting up dance floors for over 19 years, and teaching for the last 6, Lucy is one of KCDANCEHQ’s gorgeous team members


Inspiring our little ones in Tippy Toes classes, and turning up the sass for our Heels students, Lucy leaves a trail of happy faces wherever she goes! Lucy adores seeing her kids’ gigantic, authentic smiles at the end of each class, knowing they’ve had bundles of fun dancing their hearts out.


She’s passionate about teaching our little babies the fundamentals of dance, so they can grow into strong, beautiful dancers of any style. Apart from being a wonderful teacher, Lucy still loves taking class – Her personal faves are Hip-Hop, Heels/ Burlesque and Cabaret Jazz. 


Outside of the studio, Lucy’s a lovely vet nurse who dotes on any pup or kitten that comes into her care, with Almond Chais keeping her fueled. True to her Cancer zodiac sign, she’s also wildly creative and intuitive, painting watercolour pictures for her mum’s meditation books.



Chloe’s been dancing for over 18 years – 16 of those at KCDANCEHQ, and the last 6 years as a teacher!
Showcasing her talent across a broad range of classes, she motivates all her students to achieve the best version of themselves while having a good laugh. Always inspiring and supportive, Chloe is an unofficial big sister to all (and often found sneaking a comforting cuddle or giggle with our KC cuties).
A shining example of all things KCDANCEHQ, she loves that we offer a creative and welcoming environment that’s filled with fun and girls who all share the same passion. Just like a big crazy family you can’t get enough of, Chloe says “the second you walk into the studio, you feel at home”.



Discovering her love of dance at just 4 years old, Abigail has been teaching and casting a magic spell over our little ones for the last few years. Springing with infectious energy, she teaches Junior Jazz and Tap classes at KCDANCEHQ.


Always encouraging our kids to believe in themselves and conquer challenging feats, it makes sense that her all-time favourite quote is “I’ve got this”.
Abigail loves the support that the KCDANCEHQ community radiates and how it provides an amazing way to be social, be creative and foster caring relationships. Well, we’re not complaining because we’ve adored having her part of our team!



With 15 years of dancing experience and the past 3 years as one of our favourite assistant teachers, Meg is finally ready to take the reigns and teach her own Ballet and Contemporary classes at KCDANCEHQ!
Meg’s an absolute superstar on the dancefloor. A lover of Contemporary, she’ll be drawing inspiration for her favourite dance teachers and choreographers she’s learnt from to bring her own magic touch to her classes.
Reflecting on the special bonds between peers and teachers, Meg adores the caring and friendly atmosphere that KCDANCEHQ provides. A home away from home, everyone is close – family first, dancer second.
When she’s not at the studio, you’ll find Meg exploring her other creative talents including reading, drawing and music. Fuelled by pasta and iced tea, she also loves spending time with her friends, walking her dog Ryder, and catching up on the latest Netflix series.
Catch Meg at our Belmont studio every Wednesday.



Dancing for around 14 years, assistant teaching for 3 of those, we’re proud to announce that Zoey has officially started teaching her own classes at KCDANCEHQ!
From the age of six, when people asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she always said she was going to be a dance teacher…and now she’s made that dream a reality! Born to teach, Zoey’s sunshine personality has seen her effortlessly develop a wonderful rapport with everyone around her, teachers, peers and students alike. Just ask our little ones, they’re besotted with her!
It makes sense that Zoe said she “absolutely loves and adores the environment at KC, all the teachers are always so extremely kind and nurturing, doing the most they can to be the best possible teachers for their students.” Isn’t she a sweetheart?!
Zoe enjoys all things musicals and musical theatre, and will never say no to an opportunity to involve herself in it. Her favourite all-time quote is “even if you go for it and it doesn’t work out you still had the guts to head straight into something that frightened you, and that kind of bravery will take you places”
Catch Zoe at our Belmont studio every Thursday and Saturday.



Information coming soon!

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